If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re a puzzle fan. Perhaps, you went even further and stepped over the line to real jigsawzoid status. Here’s your routine: you’ve just done one brainteaser and can’t wait to get started on the next. We’re so proud of you!

Whatever the case, you’re most likely to have a collection of used jigsaw puzzles by now that you’d like to reuse most sensibly. Good decision.

Previously, we’ve already talked about how to save a jigsaw puzzle. However, if you wonder what to do with used jigsaw puzzles apart from beautifying your interior, we have the answers you’re looking for.

Right to the point, guys.

used jigsaw puzzles

1. Donating Jigsaw Puzzles

If you’re a generous soul, consider donating jigsaw puzzles. Not only will you avoid the hassle associated with searching for the buyer, but you will also feel that warm glow in the chest, and that is priceless. Call it paying it forward, random acts of kindness, or helping others, good deeds are powerful. There are loads of ways to ensure your precious stuff finds new life in good hands. We’re about to share some suggestions for where to donate jigsaw puzzles.

Where to Donate Jigsaw Puzzles

OK, so you have some used wooden jigsaw puzzles that you would like to give away for free. Check out some amazing ideas about what one can do with those oldies to spread love and positive vibes through jigsaws.

where to donate jigsaw puzzles


  • Provide some mind-bogglers to nursing homes. Your gently used puzzles will be heartily welcome to facilities where special care is provided for patients with dementia and Alzheimer's. What one chooses to write off might become someone else’s vent, a source of fun, and a method of combating some neurological conditions. As sad as it may sound, for some people, your donation might be the only way to fight loneliness.

    used wooden jigsaw puzzles
  • Donate to foster homes and orphanages. What can be better than making an underprivileged child happy? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: just Google “where to donate puzzles near me?” and the list of the nearest children’s homes will pop up instantly. Not only will it bring joy to kiddos in need, but it will also guarantee that your much loved ‘toys’ will go somewhere where they will be 100% played. Feeling like doing something more at this point? Browse the daily needs of orphans and purchase the most desirable items to add to your bag of puzzles.

    Donate to foster homes and orphanages
  • Take used jigsaws to hospitals. Being sick is no fun and no puzzle can do miracles of healing. However, the calming effect of assembling is reported to help people suffering from the most various diseases. Before rushing to the nearest hospital, check the hygiene rules and standards of the chosen facility. Some hospitals are quite strict when it comes to visitors’ donations. Chances are things like used puzzles might appear on the banned list. At the same time, loads of medical facilities accept previously used board games but use them to make hospital waiting rooms’ atmosphere less depressing. All in all, call them first to see if your donation will be appropriate.

    where to donate puzzles near me
  • Help keep kids entertained in game rooms. Looking for more ways to keep little ones busy and entertained (without adult involvement) never ends in playrooms. A donation of some colorful set of puzzles could give them something to be focused on for hours while helping parents out. Sounds perfect.
  • Follow the church bell ringing! Used brain teasers will become a very welcome addition to any community event typically held by churches. Fundraising events, youth groups’ meetups, and lunches are just some of the episodes where your donations will be more than ever worthwhile.
  • Help those experiencing homelessness to feel like home. People working at homeless shelters do their best to set up a safe environment for everyone looking for tolerance and understanding. You have an opportunity to contribute to the process by donating your puzzles. After all, board games are great tools to connect with each other and feel less lonely eventually.

    2. Sell Jigsaw Puzzles for Cash

    It's time to blow the dust off your old brain-boggling games! Your collection is a great opportunity to earn extra money when in need of some cash. You may wonder where to sell used jigsaw puzzles, but the reality is that loads of platforms are there to help convert preowned board games into bucks. Check out some categories below to get an idea of where and how to sell jigsaw puzzles for cash while having a hassle-free experience.

    Where to Sell Used Jigsaw Puzzles

    Turning used jigsaws into cash is simple, especially when owning PuzzleUp products. They look brand-new even after being the main weapon in your siblings’ fight during the festive get-together. Well, the obvious thing is to browse well-known selling sites and marketplaces. As all existing platforms are easy to use and detect shoppers from all over the globe, we’ve listed some of the most popular sites below.  Declutter your home, get in touch with like-minded nerds, and who knows maybe even pay off holiday debt. Let’s see where old jigsaw puzzles are wanted!

  • eBay. For selling jigsaws fast and trouble-less, go to eBay. There are two options here: use the free account or open an eBay Stores account if you’ve got a gazillion of puzzles for sale.
  • Flea markets. Both online and in-person auction marketplaces and flea markets are at your service! If you’re looking to sell jigsawed riddles, you’ll find some great deals there. However, there’s a trap here. You never know what kind of unexpected treasure can be found within an old-fashioned bazaar. Chances are cash you make for puzzles will go for some impossible-to-find-in-regular-stores vintage jigsaws.
  • Auctions. There are several reasons why auctions attract fans of one of the classic forms of entertainment. First, you get to find a new owner for your puzzles knowing they will cherish them the same way. Second, one gets in touch with old-style graphics or prints that can’t be seen anywhere else. Finally, your meet your potential buyer in a safe and well-lit place that ensures the deal's safety for both.
  • Garage sales. Oh, this is so old school! Yet, it’s your chance to make the most out of your next second-hand jigsaw puzzle trade. Garage sales are charming and so attractive to a retro soul with all items that happen to be worth a ton.

    3. Free Jigsaw Puzzle Swap

    Looking for new ways to guarantee the second life of jigsaw puzzles, strengthen bonds with co-geeks, or dive further into your hobby? We have an idea! Jigsaw puzzle exchange is a great chance to find new owners for your board games and even learn new strategies to do puzzles as gurus do. There’s no need to do anything formal, beyond reaching out to those who share your hobbies in your neighborhood or halfway around the world.

    free jigsaw puzzle swap

      • In-person exchange. Sometimes all you need is to go out and meet someone equally obsessed with jigsaws tête-à-tête. Not only will you meet up with fellow geeks, but you will also enjoy assembling new puzzles for several hours.
      • Flea markets. We’ve already mentioned the charm of these treasure troves. Not only classy vintage, funny, and weird products can be found there, but also interesting folks or/and situations. They say, once someone becomes part of this nostalgia community, they don’t want to leave.
      •  Free jigsaw puzzle swap websites. Why bother with an actual puzzle exchange if you can do it with several clicks? Websites like JigsawPuzzleSwapExchange and PuzzleExchange.com help jigsaw hobbyists and enthusiasts get together and make the exchange a bliss.
      • Social media. Check out Instagram and Facebook to see groups and profiles focused on board games give-and-take. The process is quite simple. For example, the Jigsaw Puzzle Swap group requires you to simply post a quality photo of the item you’d like to exchange and wait for the other users and their offers.
      • Join local libraries. Those who wonder, “What’s the best puzzle exchange near me?” do not usually consider local libraries as an option, but in vain. Many libraries loan out puzzles or offer swaps. Since joining this facility usually costs nothing, you will have an opportunity to exchange your mind-boggler for free.

        4. Recycle Jigsaw Puzzles

        Unfortunately, we all might have puzzles that are missing fragments. As heartbreaking as it sounds for most addicts, your jigsaws are about to be relocated to the trash bin. Or not? If  for a trained player like you, throwing your favorite games away is equal to having a heart attack, try recycling.

        Recycle Jigsaw Puzzles


        There are certain steps you should take to recycle jigsaw puzzles:

        1. Find out what materials your item is made of (wood, plastic, cardboard, etc.).
        2. Look for a local recycling station that will accept particular materials and pieces as small as puzzles contain.
        3. Be happy about your eco-friendly state of mind!

        Our point?

        puzzle is the best gift

        There comes that special moment in every puzzler’s life for which nerds can’t be ready. Saying adieu to another frayed box of something that once was a perfect Christmas, birthday, or Friday night pastime is hard. However, doing that mindfully helps. While it feels wrong to simply throw away that box of jigsaws, donate it. How nice, after all, to know someone out there is having a peaceful gaze upon the complete scene! As an alternative, invest in eco-friendliness by getting your brainteaser recycled. Finally, good fortune could be waiting just around the corner – feel free to sell your collections! Whatever way you decide to go, get the hows, whats, and whys of the process clear in advance.