Congratulations on the finished puzzle! With a great feeling of a logical game accomplishment that it gives even to the most experienced puzzlers comes the “Now what?” question. On the one hand, you can mess it up again, place it back in the box, and work on your wooden jigsaw puzzle on a gray autumn day. But if you’ve already joined a team of geeks, chances are you occasionally assemble a puzzle that you’d like to keep. Beautiful, challenging, and… framable image. 

Jigsaw Puzzle

If you’ve finally decided to make some wall décor and wonder how to save a jigsaw puzzle for framing, we’re here to give some hints.

How to Save a Jigsaw Puzzle for Framing?

There are two ways to preserve your work – the glue and the sticky tape methods.

Jigsaw Puzzle

If you choose glue as the best way to save a puzzle, ensure your jigsaw isn’t covered with dust. Now simply apply glue to the surface to make sure the substance fills all the cracks. Warning: don’t let the glue get dry with globes – do your best to smooth it out. Get rid of excessive glue, if there’s any. Being one of the fastest and easiest methods to keep jigsaws together the glue technique has nothing to do with aesthetics. The glue can still be noticed in the cracks making the final image less complete and more resembling a…puzzle. Besides, as you're spreading glue, one awkward movement can dislodge some pieces or, even worse, the entire section of the jigsaw.

wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Wondering how to save a puzzle without glue? The sticky tape will come in handy. Just glue the sticky tape on the back of the finished item and voilà! The job is done.

Best Way to Save a Puzzle

You know the euphoric feeling when the last piece of the jigsaw finds its place, and a real art jigsaw puzzle is in front of you. It’s no surprise that so many people wonder how to save a puzzle after it's done. After all, seeing your personal dopamine provider could be a unique and priceless feeling. Both wooden jigsaw puzzles for adults and kids can be easily hung up as a keepsake. However, if you’re new to preserving puzzles, it is highly recommended to go for simpler methods. The truth is that assembling jigsaws takes a long time. But framing it becomes the next challenge to handle. You’re actually turning many hours (days? weeks?) into a tangible piece of artwork. Do you want it to be an eye-catcher or a mess? The answer is obvious.

This is a unique and fun experience, especially for those who are new to the world of brainteasers. That is why we did our best to help you spend the most satisfying time – from the first pieces you assemble to holding a complete work ready for framing. To ensure the process isn’t risky, we provide sticky tape with each purchase. Just glue it to the back of your puzzle to have a stylish wall décor. No sticky glue or spots. Our favorite method works!

How to Save Puzzle Without Glue?

If you wonder how to save a puzzle for later as a complete puzzle decor, we're here to guide you through the process. With the help of sticky tape, turning a puzzle into a jigsaw puzzle wall decor is so unbelievably easy, you hardly need any instructions. Yet, we’ll take a more detailed look at how it works:

  • Turn the product over. It’s recommended to solve your jigsaws on a board to be able to turn them over with ease.
  • Experiment around with the sticky tape before you peel it off. Thus, you’ll see the best way to apply it. Don’t be in a hurry at this point!
  • Place the tape on the back of the wooden jigsaw puzzle and start working your way across the surface.
  • Smooth out the surface to make sure all the jigsaw pieces create a strong bond with the sticky tape. Done!   

Again, to make your complete puzzle look more aesthetically pleasing, find the right frame for it. Now that you know how to save a puzzle to frame it, ensure to pick the accessories up to your taste. From baroque style to poster-like frames – the variety of choices enables you to create a great decor project right in your household. That’s all, folks!