Q: What materials do you use?
Our puzzles are made of wood and the prints are made with water-resistant paints.

Q: Where do you deliver?
We can send the puzzles anywhere except Japan.

Q: How long does the production and order processing take?
We make your puzzle and ship in 1-3 business days of order date.

Q: Can I choose puzzles from different series or different sizes if I buy a set of 3 or 7?
Yes, sure. You can choose any designs and sizes you like!

Q: What is the difference between puzzle levels?
We made 3 of them, they are different in size and the number of pieces: easy (30 cm, 167 pieces), medium (40cm, 388 pieces) and hard (50cm, 455 pieces).

Q: How do I put a puzzle on the wall?
We made special round sticky tape to put on the back of the finished puzzle, to then hang on. You can add it to your order or get it later separately, if you need. Click here to check the video.