Pizza vs. burgers. 

Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola.

Traditional vs digital jigsaw puzzles.

The biggest duels of all time, ladies and gentlemen!

It’s no doubt that today, all the spheres of life are being relocated to the cyber world. Even the well-known centuries-old pastime – have an online alternative as a nod to the play-from-anywhere reality. What’s the deal with both entertainment options? Is non-digital format better than plugged? What are the benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles online or the way we all grew up with? Let's have a little word about one of the hobbies-leisure activities that are still popular to this day.

traditional jigsaw puzzles

Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles

When it comes to the definition of a conventional brain teaser, it’s a physical board game that requires you to use your hands to literally put the pieces together. It’s something generations of kids and adults have been using in opening routines, games, and crafts. First made in 1760, traditional jigsaw puzzles have successfully evolved over time into both a great get-togetherness ritual and one of the proactive ways to ward off health problems. Keep scrolling to see some more of the surprising benefits of working together or solo to crack a mind game..

Benefits of Doing Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles

If you’re a frequent visitor to our blog, you already know more than enough about the benefits of jigsaw puzzles from our previous posts. But if you’re hungry for more details, here they are:

wooden jigsaw puzzle for adults
  • It’s fun. Simple as that. Have you ever seen someone busy putting together fancy mosaic images and being sad or bored at the same time? A boost that a wooden jigsaw puzzle for adults or kids gives to your mood leaves no room for boredom.
wooden jigsaw puzzle for adults
  • A great way to bring the family together. The very idea of spending hours trying to fit small pieces together to have a whole image is not just the other pastime. It’s an invisible bond that gets the closest people together both physically and emotionally. Needless to say, after several puzzle-solving sessions, you’ll develop better teamwork skills.
  • You can be proud of yourself. Assembling jigsaws is such a rewarding process, guys! Not only does it teach you self-confidence, but it also boosts your self-esteem to the next level. You may be a total failure but as a dialectologist, you have no equal. Cheers to that!
home décor ideas
  • Get inspired for your next home décor ideas. Looking for ways to update your home interior? Now you’ve got a non-standard way to decorate your home. Don't believe us? With a simple sticky tape, the Starry Night or La tour Eiffel turns into a piece of décor that adds a touch of playfulness to the dullest walls.
brain healthy
  • Keep your brain healthy. Probably the cheapest way to prevent memory loss! Wooden jigsaw puzzles help strengthen the left hemisphere which is orderly and analytical while bolstering the right hemisphere responsible for artistic creativity.

Disadvantages of Traditional Jigsaw Puzzles

As you can see, the benefits of doing traditional jigsaw puzzles are endless. But, ugh, even the sun has spots. We’ve listed some of the disadvantages of jigsaw puzzles. The points below will allow you to zoom in and out of the pastime as old as time to see the whole picture.

puzzles sizes
  • It takes time. A fun way to exercise your brain solo or with loved ones yet…an assembly time should be considered. As a rule, putting all pieces together might last longer than you expected due to the improperly chosen complexity level of the riddle. If you’re new to the art of assembling, start with the easiest ones. At PuzzleUp company, all the products are presented in three categories – Easy (30 cm), Medium (40 cm), and Hard (50 cm). So take advantage of the opportunity to simultaneously enjoy a family bonding activity and have fun with a beautiful Niagara Falls jigsaw puzzle that meets your current level of proficiency.
  • The game is over once a single piece is lost. Unfortunately. But the good news is that the creative team of PuzzleUp company got you covered! Based on their powerful promises, you won’t lose fragments of a mind-boggling game when using a quality table available at the store. A real safety net!

  • Extra space is needed. There are two major problems here. First, we may lack space at home to put together a great work of art. Second, we may have zero space to store it. Let’s be honest here. A true puzzle enthusiast will find a way! After all, it can be an exciting extra challenge to assemble whimsically cut pieces in multiple sections.
  • Ouch! Chances are long hours of solving jigsaw puzzles might end up in neck and back pain. Ssssh, don't tell anybody but there’s a secret here. The truth is that wooden jigsaws have an in-built function to notify excited players through pain the time to take a workout break has come. No need for thanks.
  • Eye twitch might be part of the routine. Some geeks report feeling frustration and anxiety if someone destroys an (almost) complete image they’ve tried hard to assemble. But the world doesn't stop spinning because of that! Make sure to keep the boxes away from children, raccoons, cats, your husband, bugs, or whoever you share your home with.

Digital Puzzles Online

Digital jigsaw puzzles, on the other hand, are the ones you play on your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. The most primitive web versions are created in the form of virtual images cut into multiple pieces. Using the cursor, you have to relocate the fragments to assemble a complete image. While ‘orthodox’ puzzlers disown innovations of any kind, a lot of their opponents think of them as perfect brain busters. If you haven’t chosen your camp yet, browse some of the top benefits and flaws of gadget-based mind games. 

Digital jigsaw puzzles

Benefits of Doing Jigsaw Online Puzzles

Because solving jigsaw online puzzles is the second name of convenience, it’s no wonder that many adults and kiddos are more inclined to cyber options. But what are the other advantages to consider about this format? We’ll see below.

  • It’s free. Seriously, who doesn’t like free stuff? Emotions play a large role when we think of an opportunity to get free digital jigsaw puzzles. Not only do we have a chance to exercise both our left and right brain, but we also get to enjoy free brain games, with no hidden costs. The problem here is - you don’t get a rush of pleasure when you finish the brainteaser.
free digital jigsaw puzzles
  • The plots of the images are endless. Almost. Although the internet has an endless amount of content to explore, some physical illustrations can easily beat that.
  • The freedom to play whenever and wherever you want. Things like time and place do not matter.
  • Virtual options are just a click away. No need to spend countless hours turning over the pieces scattered randomly throughout the table.
 jigsaw online puzzles
  • Online puzzles are always there. No matter what. You don’t need to buy a solid box or make sure your dog doesn’t have your favorite pastime toy for dinner.

Disadvantages of Free Digital Jigsaw Puzzles

When we get our hands on digital jigsaw puzzles for adults or children, we usually think of a flawless way to pass time and relax. Technically? Perhaps. However, in addition to having fun and killing time for a while, they also have a range of disadvantages. Without much ado…

screen isn’t eye-friendly
  • Staring at a screen isn’t eye-friendly. Apart from increasing the risk for digital eyestrain, using digital devices can cause blurry vision, eye discomfort, headaches, and trouble focusing eyes. Do you still believe it’s worth it?
  • No feel-good moment. Do you know the feeling of satisfaction when you finally figure out the place for that 1,000th fragment? Online puzzlers don’t.
Wooden jigsaw puzzles
  • No chance to strengthen the bond between you and fellow puzzlers. Families are more functional and friendly when they rack their brains together over a zillion of pieces on the desk. No matter how rampant your imagination is, nothing can replace sitting around the same table.
  • Digital jigsaws are unspeakably bad presents, no matter the occasion. If there was an award for the worst gift nomination, we think we know the winner. At the same time, traditional brainteasers from the PuzzleUp brand make stunning and meaningful gifts!
  • Virtual puzzles are useless for motor skills. Even though dealing with physical products seems a primitive and meaningless process on the desk, it actually helps develop or/and enhance motor skills. As a result, the littlest players, especially preschoolers, become more confident and encouraged to enjoy independent play.
motor skills


Still, wondering what would give your brain a better workout? 

Well, look here, fellas.

Have you ever thought of all those great bands and solo singers that have rocked the stage through all these years? Incredible talents with huge cultural impacts were seen here and there. However…there is absolutely no chance for anyone to beat the Beatles. No matter how brightly today’s world-known musicians shine on the music Olympus, a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon like the Beatles can’t be repeated. 

What it comes down to is the following. Having everything to win, digital puzzles can’t replace physical ones. No pixel alternative will ever enhance your emotional bond with family members or buddies, cause a good laugh that you share in the process, or get you to the aha! the moment when the jigsaw is done.