Quatro City is a one-of-a-kind wooden puzzle with unique pieces and a catching detective quest to be solved. Each piece with a detailed and bright illustration is soaked with mysteries. This puzzle brings leisure activities to a whole new level by adding interaction and activity to routine puzzle assembling.

The first challenge facing you is to assemble the puzzle of the numerous streets of Quatro City. Having thoroughly scrutinized the mazes of the Quatro City, you will have all the trump cards to get to the truth of the mystery that welcomes you on the next step. Scan the QR code to fully dive into the atmosphere of the town and continue the interaction with the game on your device.

quatro city

From now on, you become a detective’s assistant who investigates the catastrophe in the City. Meet Mark Eidos - your partner in solving dozens of quests, riddles, and mysteries to unravel the secrets somebody is hiding from people. He will be a starting point for your new goal - becoming a professional sharp-eyed detective.

interactive puzzles

The game goes in an involving story-telling manner enabling you not only to observe the events but to take part and appear as a character.  This engaging narrative keeps you participating in the investigation and makes it entertaining.

Do not put the assembled puzzle away - separate pieces will help you to solve the quizzes and riddles. Additional detective tools, such as magnifying glasses and a vacuum pen, will be extremely useful for catching even the smallest details of the city parts.

Every Jigsaw Puzzle is manufactured at our own production facilities. We guarantee the high quality of our products and really helpful customer service.