By now, you already know how to choose jigsaws up to your current talent level, various tricks to solve them, as well as the sorts of brain teasers that exist today.

Time to get your game to the next level!

Unfinished Puzzle

Have you ever been interrupted in the middle of matching up tiny fragments? Seems like everything’s perfect, you’re halfway there, and…ouch! The out-of-nowhere phone call or job meeting (you totally forgot about!) pops up. What a disappointment for a puzzle geek! But we’re here for you, guys. With the auxiliary equipment for brain teasers below, you’ll go about your business knowing the in-complete riddle will be waiting for you untouched.

Learn how to save a jigsaw puzzle to become a pro-level jigsaddict (if even possible).

How to Store a Puzzle in Progress (<1500 pcs)

Good news for puzzlers! No matter the type, difficulty level, or size of the brain game – there’s an answer to the what-should-I-do question when you have to leave a puzzle unattended. Below, we’ll focus on the top smart ways to store the <1500 pcs riddle. Each can be implemented in your home, office, school, Room of Requirement, room 1408, etc.

how to move a puzzle in progress

Jigsaw Puzzle Spinner Board

This option is a real find for those who wonder how to move a puzzle in progress but are lazy to get off the sofa themselves. Here’s how it works: you simply spin the jigsaw storage spinner board to 360° degrees to manage any area. Whether you solve a 250-500 or a huge 1500-fragment puzzle, the surface of the bar is suitable for both sizes. To enjoy your next assembling session with the best outcomes, keep in mind the following: 

  • Save with ease. The smooth yet firm material of the storage keeps all fragments unmovable. You come and go, but they stay.
  • Any angle is available - find the perfect one for you.
  • Move it! The players can easily move the panel here and there since it’s lightweight (yet sustainable!).
  • Take the fun with you. The item can easily fit any room.
  • Solve several puzzles at once. Do a large and small version at the same time – there’s enough room for both!

Jigsaw Puzzle Case

A top favorite of the PuzzleUp team, ladies and gentlemen! If your precious (did you say it in Gollum’s voice too?) needs more protection, consider buying the so-called jigsaw puzzle case. The carrier will keep the jigsaws intact and make transportation safer especially if you’re on the go most of the time. Here’s what you have to know about the storage:

  • The case is equipped with the sort trays and the board (the core) used to arrange all the fragments.
  • To keep the case together, it is provided with additional straps.
  • Zip up all the fragments inside a stylish bag to relocate them safely.
adjustable puzzle board

Adjustable Puzzle Board

If the so-called game of patience has already been in your life for a while, things like back or neck strain might sound familiar. Time to relax! With several different angles that can be adjusted, the adjustable puzzle board keeps all the pieces in place without you having to break your neck.

  • Made of premium material (planet-friendly wood) that increases friction and doesn’t let fragments slip or fall.
  • Some of the adjustable boards have bins where you can store the pieces during the intellectual session.
  • The items are lightweight. Enjoy one of the most popular pastimes in a room, on the balcony, in bed, or even outdoors.
  • The system has an adjustable bracket fastened by loop fasteners to set up the above-mentioned angles and change them anytime to avoid fatigue.
  • To save the session for the next time – simply fold the bracket.
rotating puzzle table

Rotating Puzzle Table

Add a bit of color and comfort to the puzzling battle with a rotating puzzle table! Typically beautified with a pinch of green in the center, it accommodates jigsaws with up to 1000 elements. Every piece stays in place while you can rotate the base to reach the opposite areas. No more stretching across the game area that results in neck or back pain. Your body will appreciate it.

  • Rotate the bar 360° around.
  • Crafted from wood, the unit is the synonym for longevity and strength.
  • The surface is non-slip. Your puzzles won’t fly away the next time you rotate the table.
  • Comfortable for using solo or with friends.
  • The age-friendly rotating board makes it easy for children to reach the pieces on the other side.
jigsaw puzzle board

Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Holding or transporting your favorite puzzles is not a problem with this board! All the pieces sit perfectly on the surface alone with your in-progress image. There’s a range of options here: some are equipped with drawers and portable items while others have covers, and so on.

  • Made of various materials, platforms have raised edges. No pieces will ever fall out!
  • Sleek in design, they are easy to carry around and sturdy.
  • It’s easy to clean. You can easily wipe away dirt or dust accumulated in its corners.
  • Ironically, top-notch storage should have storage as well.
  • The jigsaw puzzle board is multipurpose – use it for dominos, playing cards, etc.

How to Store a Large Puzzle in Progress (>1500 pcs)

So, you’ve decided to give your brain an extra workout with a >1500-piece jigsaw? And now you have to leave an incomplete photo story laying around for a while because, well, life happened. Let us help you.

We’ll go over some of the most popular storage solutions so you’ll get back to the joy of puzzling exactly where you put it on pause.

wooden jigsaw puzzle table

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table

If there’s a kind of home furniture that boosts creativity and carries entertainment, it’s a wooden jigsaw puzzle table. Typically, the board game tables can be put together (similar to robots!) exactly the way you do with the jigsaws.

  • If you wonder how to store a large puzzle in progress and enjoy your favorite Starbucks unicorn cappuccino, go for the items with the drinking-coffee functionality.
  • Some sets are crafted with a functionality of a working desk.
  • The table size depends on the parameters of your brainteasers. Keep in mind that your artwork shouldn’t expand the size of the table area.
  • The key reasons to get this piece of furniture: to create space for family/friends get-togethers; you’re a newbie to the hobby and need a number of approaches to a large puzzle; you like the convenience and are already tired of finding fragments in a laundry basket.

Jigsaw Puzzle Board with Drawers

No more messy piles of interlocking pieces! With a jigsaw puzzle board with drawers, you’ll keep all the fragments from missing, break the complex task into bite-size chunks for several puzzlers, or simply stash complete areas aside while working on a different section.

  • The game platform is usually equipped with six drawers.
  • Smooth and clean surfaces guarantee excellent storage for the puzzles.
  • Are you done for now? Just cover the area you work on and get back to it later.
  • The item with drawers is lightweight. Feel free to tuck it away in a moment and get back to the to-dos of the day.
Jigsaw puzzle mat roll up

Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up

Whether you want to get back to the mental exercise later or are simply looking for ways to store 1500-piece puzzles without them taking over, we have five words for you. Jigsaw puzzle mat roll up! Produced with the intention to make assembling sessions more convenient, roll-up mats are crowd favorites.

  • When the victorious moment of putting the last fragment into place comes, roll the mat with the jigsaw in its center and relocate your masterpiece.
  • For 2-in-1 puzzlers (half jigsaw enthusiasts half travel geeks), carrying their favorite brain toys along with them is easy-peasy.
  • An average mat provides space for more than 2000 fragments (pick up mats based on your needs!).
  • Once the user rolled it, they can secure the mat with the strap attached and unroll it anytime.  
  • Made of felt, plastic, rubber, or any other material, the roll-up mats shouldn’t be exposed to harsh temperatures, too much water, and so on.

Whether you’re re-creating Mona Lisa or a classy movie scene, there may come a time to say adieu to your masterpiece in progress for a while. Maybe you got tired. Maybe you just remembered there’s a weekly report due tomorrow. Whatever the reason, a perfectly planned day is now ruined. Or not? 

With the accessories listed above, you’ll find a partially completed puzzle tomorrow exactly where you leave it today.