1. Open up the box. There are several envelopes containing everything that brings you closer to solving the epic mystery:
  • An envelope with hints and detective tools.
  • The rest of the envelopes with the puzzle pieces (based on the number of parts you choose to deal with).

2. Open up the 1st envelope to solve the first part of the wondrous world quest. Do the same thing with the other 3 envelopes to put together the complete picture of the Quatro City reality.

interactive game

Ready to challenge yourself?

It's sure to test you twice as much when you mix the contents of all the envelopes and try to find out the truth in the here and now.

3. Are you done with the puzzles? Meet the protagonist of the story - a player character - Mark Eidos. This sharp-eyed detective is sure to know a thing or two about multifaceted investigations! You can find his business card in the detective's envelope. It's no doubt that his track record makes him the ideal person to solve the Quatro City catastrophe!

4. Scan the QR code and start your investigation! From now on, only you can help Mark Eidos unravel the mysteries, complete all quests, and solve the case that is more complicated and bizarre than it may seem.

5. Enjoy your puzzle that is fraught with many plot twists and surprises!

6. Hungry for more adventures? Go on a quest with your friends! Or, as an alternative, write your very own adventure together based on the Quatro city map.

quatro city