It’s beginning to look a lot like… you’re about to have a mental breakdown. The festive season is upon us, and you feel the strong aroma of the last-minute shopping race in the air. Asking yourself every few minutes, “Why me?” you set out on a Christmas shopping crusade. History repeats itself.

The good news?

This time you’re on the hunt for gifts for jigsaw puzzle lovers! It greatly simplifies the task because…well, what is it that jigsaw junkies love best? What makes you see that crazy look in their eyes?


A great way to de-stress, jigsaws also serve as wow gifts for those who are in the camp of puzzle enthusiasts. Now, breathe a sigh of relief and browse the gift options, each to be 100% enjoyed by your beloved recipient. 

Christmas themed jigsaw puzzles


Christmas Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Children

No matter their gender, age, or personality, jigsaws work magic when you lack ideas of what to put under the evergreen. We have a wide assortment of jigsaws for little jewels of all ages – the perfect combination of entertainment, style, and value. Learn more about why formative young minds will certainly benefit from Christmas-themed jigsaw puzzles, be it their first-time logic game or something they choose over the ultra-modern toys.

  1. Puzzles are available in a variety of complexity levels. Whether it’s a tot learning their first “ma-ma” and “da-da” or a know-it-all preschooler, our collection of Christmas wooden jigsaw puzzles for children has something for each age level. And remember that a correctly chosen jigsaw puzzle can be a source of fun, satisfaction, education, and development. At the same time, an age-inappropriate purchase will disappoint a little recipient and, well, complicate your life.
  2. Environmentally safe. The other reason why responsible parents choose our puzzles is that we use sustainable materials in the manufacturing process. Thus, we do not pollute the environment and make every other logical game safe for your kiddo. 
  3. High-quality and eye-friendly prints. We know how attracted kids get to rainbow-bright images. However, we went further and provided an aesthetically pleasing color palette that is safe for sensitive eyes.
  4. Ready-to-gift packaging. No need to invent creative holiday gift wrapping! We’ve got you covered. All the Christmas scene jigsaw puzzles are delivered in cute wraps so delightful for little art or jigsaw fans.
  5. Gifts to stay luxe for years to come. We’re constantly looking for ways to boost our products. On top of maintaining a strong relationship with the environment, we use sustainable materials that are both water and (yay!) time-resistant.
  6. Gender-neutral design. Our creative minds did their best to make Christmas wooden jigsaw puzzles unisex so that boys and girls could enjoy festive season-themed brainteasers.

Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles for Adults

If you find yourself looking at the classiest present of all times (socks, of course) at the shopping mall, it’s time to rebuild your x-Mas Eve gift-giving beliefs. Seriously, get over socks. If you’re having a hard time gift shopping for a seen-it-all puzzler or someone only about to discover the art of jigsaws, we’re here to save the day. Our collection of Christmas jigsaw puzzles for adults has something holly-jolly for every boyfriend, sister, cat lover, artist, and more.

 Christmas gifts for people who like jigsaw puzzles

While we’re continuing to update our assortment of custom wooden jigsaw puzzles, it’s huge enough to make the let-it-snow season extra sentimental for the most demanding geeks. Here’s why:

  1. Puzzles of various difficulty ratings. From something cute and super easy to kill time during a snowy day to quite challenging for your brain, we have puzzles for every ‘level of training.  
  2. 300-piece Christmas jigsaw puzzles. If you’re looking for mind bogglers of medium complexity level (you know, the one-size-fits-all type), there you are. Sets with 300 details challenge the newbies and still excite the addicts.
  3. Eco-friendliness can be traced at all levels of manufacturing. We just do our best to make this world a better place.
  4. Holiday-themed prints that inspire. Chances are your recipient may be feeling as overwhelmed by the holiday busyness as you are. What can be a better way to get a puzzler of your life into a Christmas mood than a new addition to their collection?  
  5. We’ll pack it for you. Choosing Christmas gifts for people who like jigsaw puzzles is not enough. Wrapping it tastefully and thoughtfully is a must. After all, it’s the wrap that adds an element of surprise, right?
  6. Durable puzzles you can solve repeatedly. If you think that finding a buy-it-for-life gift is an impossible holiday mission, try to show up with our wooden products. Not only will they stand the test of time, but they may also become something proudly handed down from generation to generation of geeks.
  7. It’s 2-in-1! Let them know they have more options than simply putting the puzzle in the box once the game is over. Our x-Mas jigsaws can easily transform the most boring walls! Using sticky tape, you get a non-conventional piece of décor, as if saying, “We’re here thinking outside the box, you know.”

How to save a jigsaw puzzle? Something you probably wonder about after the previous point. Easy peasy, guys! Apply the sticky tape (which comes in a package) to the back of the puzzle, smooth out the surface, and voilà! The job is done. 

Extra 3 Ideas of Christmas Gifts for Jigsaw Puzzle Lovers

Your favorite puzzler can be even trickier to shop for than your mom. If, oh my God, the new mind-boggler isn’t enough, we have a plan B! Browse the Christmas gifts for logic games lovers below to avoid the decade-long search and hear a happy “How did you know?”  

#1 Custom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

If you’re out of ideas on what to give to someone who takes brainteasers seriously, there’s a simple recommendation here. The only thing that can be better is…a new set of puzzles! Our Noel-themed custom wooden jigsaw puzzles will make your gift-shopping race less hectic.

Christmas wooden jigsaw puzzles

#2 Jigsaw Puzzle Roll-Up Mat

If you believe the presents must be part aesthetical, part practical, a jigsaw puzzle roll-up mat could be an option. Chances are your special someone already has a zillion of Christmas wooden jigsaw puzzles. The good news is that a roll-up mat could be something they lack. This simple tool guarantees a better way of assembling, transporting, and storing puzzles.

Jigsaw Puzzle Roll-Up Mat

#3 Frames for Jigsaw Puzzles

A lot of puzzles are chef-oeuvres on their own. When you’re a happy owner of one, incorporating it into your interior could be a great way to give new life to something extra familiar. That’s when the so-called work frames for jigsaw puzzles come in handy. What is it that you choose? Whimsical world-known art illustrations? Or, perhaps, the ho-ho-ho theme to get into the Christmas spirit even when the season is over? Don’t dillydally, help your giftee get their home décor to the new level.

work frames for jigsaw puzzles

The most wonderful time of the year has officially arrived, and at PuzzleUp company, we pride ourselves on having a spot-on gift for every puzzle geek in your orbit. That’s because we are a team of obsessive creative puzzlers that have been in the industry for a while. And we have something to excite the most never-satisfied friend or a cousin who has it all. 

Do you want even more glory of being an outstanding gift-giver? A bit of final advice here: give them more than they could dream about.


After all, there’s nothing more precious than time. And puzzles.